DIY Cat Toy with Catnip Stuffing

Cats love catnip. I don’t know what it is about it, but my cat goes nuts with kitty excitement when he smells and eats it. I love seeing my Meow Meow happy and playful, so I decided to grow a catnip plant just so I could make him some homemade catnip toys.

Catnip is a very easy plant to grow indoors. Just plant the seeds in a pot of soil, place it in a sunny place, water it about every other day, and boom you got catnip. It grows just like any other herb plant and it grows fast. Continue reading

Weekly Meal Plan: April 10-15 2017

This week I wanted to buy as little as possible from the grocery store for our meals. I’m trying to clear out the freezer and fridge to prevent anything from going bad or getting freezer burnt (I have a horrible habit of buying food and forgetting about it only to let it go bad, what a waste of money).4 easy and simple meal ides to make during the week

Planning a one week per month meal plan based solely on what you already have to use up is a great way save some money and get your natural culinary creative juices flowing! It can be fun trying to cook suppers with random ingredients. Just imagine you’re competing on Cut-Throat Kitchen, only without the sabotages ha ha.

It’s the week of Easter Sunday, so I don’t plan on cooking the whole week and will be making easy suppers. Friday is pizza night as usual and my husband wants to order out. Saturday and Sunday we’re staying at my in-laws, so I only need to plan and cook supper 4 days this week.

Here is the meal plan I came up with for this week. Four easy suppers using food I already have in my pantry and fridge/freezer plus a few extra items I had to buy from the store. These meals are tasty, cheap to make, and super simple. I wouldn’t say I’m a great cook (yet that is. I’m working on my cooking skills one recipe at a time) but these meals are even hard for me to screw up.

My Meal Plan for the week:

4 Easy meal ideas to make during the week

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Easy Peasy Taco Pie! Supper Ready in Under 30 Minutes!

This taco pie recipe is my go-to when I don’t feel like making a time consuming supper. I can whip it up in underEasy Taco Pie 30 minutes and have it on the table and ready for my family to eat.

I got this recipe at my bridal shower from a family friend and have made it numerous times since. It’s a family favorite in my house and I have recommended it to many of my friends as well.

Taco pie is a great meal to make when you’ve got taco meat and Greek yogurt or sour cream to use up. Whenever I make tacos, I always cook up a full pound of hamburger and freeze have the taco meat specifically for Taco pie another week.

I like to race the oven as it preheats when making taco pie. Usually my oven takes about 9 minutes to preheat and I’m able to have the pie ready and in the oven before the timer goes off.

You should try this recipe out for yourself and see how delicious and amazing it is. I’m sure you and your family will love it. Continue reading

Sunday Meal Planning March 27-April 1

7 simple and easy meal ideas you can feed your family during the weekI had a great weekend. Found some awesome toys at my local thrift store for my little one and paid only $2! And the best part is…they are all like brand new! I found a collapsible crawling tunnel, a leap frog talking alphabet caterpillar, and a V-Tech basketball hoop and soccer goal. Finding bargains like these make me and my little guy super happy.

There’s nothing special going on this week at my house so that makes my meal planning easier. I create my meal plan on Saturday night and Sunday morning when I can look at the next weeks grocery and store ads.

Below are some great and cheap meal ideas you can make for your family that won’t cost you much.

Here is my family’s meal plan for this week March 28-April 1:

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Easy DIY Dusting Spray: Only 4 Ingredients

DIY Dusting SprayI’ve become more interested in green cleaning lately. Every day I watch my son put his mouth on all the furniture and stick everything in his mouth (and I mean everything, haha).

I don’t want him ingesting toxic chemicals, so I’ve decided to start making my own cleaners that are safe for when he sticks stuff in his mouth.

To start out, I decided to make a dusting spray. This recipe is super easy, only requires 4 ingredients (3 if you don’t count water), and takes only a few minutes to make. I whipped up a batch while my little one was napping in less than 5 minutes.

This dusting spray is super cheap to make and smells lemony fresh! It picks up the dust while leaving your furniture nice and shiny too.

Here’s How to make your own dusting spray

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Meal Planning: Free Meal Plan and Grocery List Printables!

Meal Plan Printable The9to5MomMeal planning is a major key to saving my family a lot of money. And we love saving money!

Having a meal plan and all our groceries for the week keeps me from making multiple trips to the store, which almost always leads to unnecessary purchases (like all the books I bought and plan to read someday). It also helps me think cheap meals to make by comparing ad sales with what food I already have on hand.

If I don’t make a meal plan, I turn into a really lazy cook. What’s for dinner? Um, I’m thinking Mac and Cheese and a Jack’s frozen pizza. Totally unhealthy and requires hardly any effort on my part. When I make suppers like Grocery List Printablethis, it makes me feel guilty because I know it is not a nutritious meal… at all.

To prevent my inner lazy cook from coming out, I write out my weekly meal plan on Saturday night. This way, I can sit down without my little one or hubby needing my attention and focus on what healthy meals I can make from what we already have and what foods are on sale the coming week.

Continue to get my free Meal Plan and Grocery list Printalbes!

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20 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget

20 Tips for Eating Healthy on a BudgetHealthy eating can be tough when your trying to stick to a small budget. It’s very easy to walk into the grocery store and blow your grocery budget by spending too much money on junk food or expensive healthy food. If done right, it is very simple to eat nutritious meals while staying within your money limits.

I’ve gathered up 20 easy tips for eating healthy on a tight budget. If you follow these tips, you and your family can eat well and save money too. Continue reading

Debt Tracker Free PDF Printable The9to5Mom

9to5mom Debt TrackerPaying off debt can be a major pain in the butt! It can also be frustrating when trying to keep track of how much you have left to owe.

I created this Debt Tracker when trying to keep track of how much I owe on my college debt.

I use checks to make my payments so this printable is nice because I can keep track of the check numbers for each payment.

There is also a column to keep track of the current debt balance as you whittle way at it.

The colors of this printable are fun, soft, and easy on the eyes 🙂

I think this debt tracker will be very useful when keeping track of your debt and I hope you enjoy it. Add it to your budget or lifestyle binder!

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Preparing for Baby: 4 Things to Buy Used

Preparing for baby: 4 things to buy usedBaby stuff is expensive. Toys, car seat, crib, clothes, baby swing, high chair, bassinet; it all adds up and can really cost you a lot of money. If I would have paid full price for all the baby stuff I bought, I would probably be broke. Saving money should be your main priority when preparing for you little one’s entrance into the world. I saved a lot of money buying some of my baby items used and getting hand-me-downs from my family.

I love finding great deals at thrift stores and rummage sales. Recently, I went to a small town thrift store and bought 10 awesome children’s books for $1.27 total! Roughly 10 cents a book plus tax. And some of them are classics like Go Dog Go and the Valveteen Rabbit.

You can find a lot of good baby stuff from thrift stores and rummage sales. I got a nice baby swing from a rummage sale for $15 dollars that normally retails for around $80, yikes! It was gently used and I knew it came from a good clean home as well. The best part is that it plugs into the wall outlet instead of being run on batteries (buying batteries all the time can get pretty expensive). Continue reading